We last wrote about the “deluxe and delectable” London/Scottish electro-soul act COCOA FUTURES in the Summer when front-man vocalist & bassist Greg Sanderson created a “diaphanously soft and chiffony harmonic” audio senstion with ‘Circus’ — a song about patience, produced by Brendan Williams [ GoGo Penguin, Dutch Uncles, Koalas]

Recovery’ is the latest release from Cocoa Futures’ five-track EP of the same name that was recorded at Manchester’s “Low Four” studios and produced by Brendan this year.

Cocoa Futures – whimsical, catchy and totally fresh moments of pop…

The five songs carry through a proposition that’s filled bumper-to-bumper with exciting, whimsical, catchy and totally fresh moments of pop. It will impress the harshest of critics with its rigorous attention to detail and incredible dynamics.

The title track of the EP, “Recovery” is quirky-turkey enough to appeal to hardened Tottenham avant-gardsters with its whirly-ball keyboard sounds and kooky-took beats… But actually this is harmonized synth created in the best of British pop traditions… think: Tears for Fears.

Recovery is a song about alcohol, and all the wonderful and terrible things it can do. It’s quite a fun drink but also a dark mess. Cheeky pints can’t be cheeky forever. How many of our relationships would exist without it?” says Greg.

The Recovery EP is out now.

Photos by Sara Amroussi-Gilissen


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