SAINT APACHE — Announce E.P.

The Eastbourne-based South-Coast UK band SAINT APACHE will be releasing their third E.P. Black Days as they offer an energetic video titled “Tory Man” taken from it. Black Days will be out on 22nd February 2019 and Tory Man is available to buy or stream 14th December 2018.

Saint Apache – inspiring, rare and totally mobilizing…

The sound of the band is organic, honest-to-goodness, heavy-pants, alt/punk-rock; Hitherto it might have been warm and melodic in nature, but lately life has gotten a lot more menacing for all of us, so their sound has developed into something inspiring, rare and totally mobilizing…

Their new recording “Tory Man” (video shared below) explores their artistic and political ideals further: “This is our soapbox: gay rights, domestic abuse, inequality, media lies, the double standards of those who rule us and the demonization of cannabis,” they say…

We come onto stage and we explore the merry-hell outta those themes, Goddammit!


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