HANNAH WICKLUND + GORILLA RIOT — Roadstars Double-Header

Two of the most thrilling prospects in the sensational world of blues-rock will come together — for the very first time — this October 2019  [see poster below]

The Planet Rock “ROADSTARS” tour — a highly-charged live-music presentation with HANNAH WICKLUND & THE STEPPIN STONES plus GORILLA RIOT — promises to be the most extravagasmic double-bill concert tour of the year…

Gorilla Riot marches into your headspace like a ruined monster…

The American blues rock guitarist Hannah Wicklund with her “Steppin Stones” have been described by Joe Bonamassa, no less, as “a kaleidoscope of blazing guitars and searing vocals,” and will tour the UK this autumn with Manchester rock band Gorilla Riot whose maximum-frenzy blast of energy we enjoyed so much at last year’s HRH C.R.OW.S. festival.  Each night on the ROADSTARS tour the bands will alternate as headliners, unleashing equal proportions of fiery protagonism.

To get a feel for the highly anticipated sounds of these two knockout bands, we listened to their new radio singles:

Bomb Through The Breeze” [shared below] by Hannah Wicklund has the most sordid hoochie-coochie riff you’ve ever heard and a distorted, utterly unhealthy resonance that reverberates through your bones till you feel kinda sexy-all-over… on top of that there’s the divinely confident voice and some magnificent guitar-work. What a belter!

Meanwhile, “Half Cut” by Gorilla Riot marches into your headspace like a ruined monster after a night on the juice. He seems superbly grumpy as he pushes into your blankets to pound relentless rhythms into your bones… and that’s long before you can tell him how much you really lurve all that excessive ‘n’ sweaty stomping. My my!

Links: https://www.facebook.com/hannahwicklundss/

Tickets, PRICED £14 are on sale and can be booked from www.thegigcartel.com and from the 24-Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898.

Main Photo Credit: Greg Logan

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