VELVELA — Bottomless Rosé

VELVELA are machine-gunning rock trio who bring a savage fuzz-rock vision to the working man’s blues, a sound that’s supercharged by craving ululations and threatening riffs. Inspired by blues-influenced classic-rock VELVELA aspire to be filed alongside Black Keys and Royal Blood.

Pulsating with thermionic throbbage…

Formed in 2018 in North Yorkshire, Sean Kildunne (lead vocals) Todd Duncan (lead guitar) and Tom Bowman (drums) found a hide-out somewhere near Leeds to work-up their glorious sound: over-loaded with spirit and desire, and with a wide range of inspirations from jazz and house via “true” RnB and proto-punk, the band chose to create something as dynamically exciting as it was encouragingly fresh. The result is an untamed beast of sounds; a warm throb of muscle & blood, a variety of blues-rock that’s alive with thermionic throbbage.

VELVELA release their new single “Bottomless Rosé” on April 12th, and it’s a clear confirmation of the band’s rock intention: Amidst pummeling drums you will find agonized screams of guitar and ardent vocals that can’t quite escape the compelling riff-scape. In other words, it is spellbinding.

While you wait for the release, try last year’s “Prowl” (shared below) and pre-order Bottomless Rosé here.


Words: @neilmach 2019 ©
Photo Credit: Danny Payne Photography

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