Danny Vaughn

DANNY VAUGHN — The Shadow Of King John

DANNY VAUGHN — famed for his flourishing voice-work with melodic rockers Tyketto — has now delivered his solo album masterpiece…

He’s released a video for the track: “The Shadow Of King John” — a spring-boarding jig filled with stomping rhythms and gloriously inebriated fiddles. When we first heard the number, we thought it was “A breezy, irrepressible jaunt through the faded spirit of Limerick but retains a wistful sense of hope…

Danny Vaughn
Danny Vaughn – a wistful sense of hope…

As Danny explains, “I lived in Limerick, Ireland, for about 4 years during the period known as ‘The Celtic Tiger’: an economic boom the likes of which the country had never seen before. I learned about The Craic, Rugby, Hurling, and the science of pouring the perfect pint. I loved the little cul de sac street I lived on. My neighbors all knew and looked after one another and you could expect a friendly greeting every time you stepped out of your front door. I loved telling my American friends that I lived right next to a prison and a dog track. If it wasn’t for the rain, I might still be there.

I came back in 2015 and, like so many cities in the western world at that time, many of the signs of economic well-being were gone. I felt sad walking the streets of ‘my city’ again, seeing so many boarded up storefronts and people sleeping rough. That’s when the song started coming to me.

The city landscape is dominated by King John’s Castle, which began construction around 1200. Its high turrets and walls have overseen everything that has occurred in its shadow, from the city’s many sieges to Limerick winning the all Ireland Senior Hurling Championships.”

I wanted to write a song for this place I had called home. I wanted to capture a little bit of her spirit so that, even thought the song depicts hard times, it also shows the love of life, the friendships, laughter and music that I associate with my years there.

Times are better now. The castle was there long before us and will be there long after. Long may it stand.”

Myths Legends And Lies by Danny Vaughn is OUT NOW.
Check out Danny LIVE. Dates below video

Link: https://www.facebook.com/Danny-Vaughn

Remaining DANNY VAUGHN UK Dates

Aug 16: The Dreadnought in Bathgate, UK

Aug 17: The Diamond Rock Bar in Ballymena, N. Ireland

Aug 22: The Black Heart, London

Aug 23: The Cluny, Newcastle

Aug 29: Eleven, Stoke On Trent

Aug 30: The Asylum, Birmingham

European Tour

Oct 3. Bounty Rock Cafe in Olomouc, Czech Republic

Oct 5. Bluesiana in Velden, Austria

Oct 6. Forum Karlin in Prague, Czech Republic

Oct 7. Rockpalast in Bochum, Germany

Oct 9. MS Connexion Complex in Mannheim, Germany

Oct 10. Jonny’s Lion Cave in Trubbach, Switzerland

Oct 11. Riffelhof in Burgrieden, Germany

Oct 13 Crow Live Stage in Athens, Greece

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