Luna Shadows

LUNA SHADOWS — Waves Dance Remix

The Los Angeles-based artist, producer, songwriter, & multi-instrumentalist LUNA SHADOWS unveils her special new “Waves” EP this weekend which is a stylish celebratory edition of her original “Waves” : and includes dance remixes of the track,  featuring RAC, The Naked and Famous, and Felix Cartal.

The digital download (available here) has all three mixes.

Luna Shadows
Luna Shadows – an electro-plated sugar and platinum voice….

Luna tends to create unconventional pop-numbers that seem laced with subdued sadness and come with a hint of Californication.

Luna is a firm disciple of the DIY approach and oversees and polishes all her own audio and visual projects, from start to finish. This approach to  creativity has been very successful: Luna has achieved 35+ million streams to date, without a label behind her.

About “Waves” (from the Summertime E.P.) she says, “ This is a song about holding on tightly and letting go lightly. I am very quick to fall in love & fall to pieces...”

Built into this song, sonically & lyrically, are competing rushes of melancholy and euphoria, overtaking one another for fleeting moments....”

Waves (the new video shared below) is tender-hearted and chipper, with danceable vibes and wiggly-woggly shimmers that act as diffusers for an electro-plated voice of sugar & platinum.
Put simply, this is stunning.



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