ROBIN TROWER — Coming Closer to the Day

Catford-boy ROBIN TROWER’s upcoming CD, titled “Coming Closer To The Day” is set for US release on March 22, 2019 via Provogue/Mascot Label Group and Robin heads out on a US tour shortly thereafter.

On his European leg he’ll play the Islington Assembly Hall on Apr 26th 2020.

Robin Trower
Robin Trower – poignant inner pain & anguish…

When I’m working on a song idea,” he says, “it has to be something I’d really like to play lead guitar on, otherwise I don’t bother with it…

In terms of the lead guitar, I tried to make it as soulful as possible. With the solos, I’ve got a rough idea of the area that a piece of lead work will work in. Then I just go in and see what happens. There’s always a certain amount of freedom. It’s loose and relaxed, messing about and trying different things…”

I’m trying to capture something that happens, rather than something that’s pre-worked out. It’s got to come from the gut.”

The Procol Harum guitarist and vocalist’s masterful songs tend to bring many peace-giving moments, though they always retain a certain amount of poignant inner pain and anguish.

We thought his 2016 album “Where You Are Going To” was filled with “salvation and gentle decorum…

Coming Closer to the Day by Robin Trower is available to stream now


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