GYPSY PISTOLEROS — Crazy Loco Loquito

The Crazy Loco Loquito” (basically interpretable as “the crazy, crazy, crazy” — which sums-up the madcappery] is the smashing new single from the wild, beautiful, and somewhat damned GYPSY PISTOLEROS who play sleazy, glam-rock presented with tangy flamenco twists. The latest issue of the UK band’s 2007 number was released on 20th July 2020 via Riot Records (Golden Robot)

A clacking, saltarello of sparkle...
A clacking saltarello of sparkle…

It’s like finding that the “Fandangos in Space” band Carmen were taken over by Mutt Lange who pushed for the zapateado to be put to one side making more room for thick slices of Def Leppardy guitarwork…

In other words this one helluva screeching, yowling, clacking, saltarello of scintillating sparkle.

Meanwhile, the latest Gypsy Pistolero line-up has been confirmed as: Gypsy Lee Pistolero aka Lee Mark Jones (vox)  Mark Westwood (guitars) Iggie Pistolero (lead guitar) Ian MacDonald Walker (bass & backing vox) Jan Vincent Vellazo (drums) and Kris Jones (trumpet & horns.)

And they say they’ll be recording a brand-new album titled ‘The Mescalito Vampires!’  at Black Tree Recording Studios, with guitarist Mark Westwood engineering & producing ( Dogs D’Amour) to be released toward the end of the year: Bienvenidos de nuevo mis amigos de juego

Grab the single here:

File alongside: Hanoi Rocks / Carmen


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