The outstanding singer-songwriter & guitarist AUSTIN MEADE slickly applejacks the chromosomes of country with the bombarding hullabaloo of heavy rock ‘n’ roll to deliver a distinct version of Americana that has both consequence and vibrancy.

Today he announces his new album “Black Sheep” due February 19th via Snakefarm Records.


On “Happier Alone” his jousting Tom Petty influenced guitar-driven sound and rhythmically bouncy beat is neatly capped by that huskily winning voice that comes cross like a mixture of bristle brush and axle grease.

This song is a good hearty slice of jittering jangle (think The Smiths / R.E.M.) but filled with motion and billow (think John Mellencamp). Yes, this is heartland confection.

I played this song at least 30 times the first day we wrote it,” he says, “For me, it doesn’t get old and the idea for the video [shared below] was sitting in my head for a few months. It’s a tip of the hat to my high school hometown: Brenham, Texas. I’ve always wanted to go back and shoot a video with old friends in the places that we loved hanging out when we were younger. So we got a killer crew together and made it happen.”

Words: @neilmach 2020 ©

File alongside: Koe Wetzel


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