Dan Reed LiftOff

DAN REED — high-steps into chill-space with LiftOff

Dan Reed announces the release of his new album “Liftoff” and shares the first video with lyrics…

Funk ‘n’ roll hero and musical visionary DAN REED (of Dan Reed Network) has been steadfast in delivering genuine, straightforward, and intuitive antidotes to the bleakest and most grim facets of modern life for some time now… and in these days of heightened anxiety he prepares to release his fifth solo album, entitled ‘Liftoff’ and it’s a trip into assuasive chill space…

We have described his previous output as “soul-calming material, meticulously executed…”

Dan Reed

“Liftoff” will be released on Zero / One Entertainment and distributed via Townsend Records, and the album will ship and be available on all streaming & download platforms beginning December 4, 2020.

In these challenging times,” Dan says, “I am happy to try to bring some musical solace with the release of my new solo album entitled ‘Liftoff’.”

Most of the 11-track “Liftoff” album was recorded at Dan’s Zero One studios in Prague, with Reed performing vocals, guitars, keyboards, bass, and drum and percussion programming, and with contributions from collaborators: bassist Bengt Jonasson; guitarist James Bird (from Mason Hill); and session vocalists Emily Lynn and Lara Smiles (Australian Pink Floyd) and the album includes three co-writes with Richard Hilton (the master keyboardist from Chic, whom he worked with on the ‘Slam’ album (1989.)

Over the next months, Dan will release four videos that have been specially created to bring musical comfort to his audience. The first, the title track, (shared below) has relaxing guitar shawls, feathery bass umbels, and a delightful and luscious waft of vocals. This is a papoose of comforts.

PRE-ORDER LINK – https://danreed.tmstor.es/

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