CHEMIA Hellacious Angina

Polish Rockers CHEMIA (Chemistry) today release a new single entitled “Angina”(produced by Andy Taylor of Duran Duran / Reef fame) and taken from their forthcoming album “Something To Believe In”.

The single was recorded at London’s Baltic Studios and features a string arrangement by renowned former Bush keyboardist and string arranger Sacha Puttnam (known for his work on the soundtrack of films such as Robert LePage’s award-winning ‘The Confessional’ — as well as string arrangements for a host of other artists, including Sia and REEF.)

CHEMIA called upon a good friend to magic-up something special for this rock showpiece: the acclaimed Krakow classical composer and cellist Jan Stoklosa. They asked him to rally a crack regiment of the best string players around to perform Sacha’s arrangement, under his diligent eye.  Sound engineer for the project was Tomek Budkiewicz.

Chemia Angina

Chemia guitarist and founding member Wojtek “W” Balczun says, “From developing the song with Andy (Taylor) through to working with the likes of both Sacha Puttnam and Jan Stoklosa on this track was a very special experience for all of us. It was brilliant to watch it come together to create something really unique and we hope everyone loves it as much as we do.

Sacha’s provocative orchestral intertangle helps launch this ruggedized roadster of a song… and it’s an almost indestructible armor-clad number. The song-voice is reminiscent of Chad Kroeger (in proficiency and dominance) — and it needs to be powerful because it has to candlebomb against those ever-pummeling drums and all that bellicose symphonic deliciousness.

Just when you think the number might be getting a bit too James Bond theme tuney — a hellacious guitar hauls itself from the superheated tar-macadam to light up holy hell! 

This number is so voracious & insatiably dramatic it deserves to be categorized: vulturine

File alongside: Foo Fighters

The new album ‘Something to Believe In’ is due 20th August via DCM Records/Absolute Distribution.

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©


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