Jim Kirkpatrick

JIM KIRKPATRICK Visits 61 & 49

Written by JIM KIRKPATRICK with multi-instrumentalist producer Scott Ralph and FM keyboardist Jem Davis, his new track, titled ’61 & 49’ ‘is a stunning tribute to Robert Johnson — the bluesman who is said to have met the Devil incarnate at “The Crossroads” and sold his soul for musical achievement.

Robert Johnson

A crossroads between highway 61 and 49 is one of the suggested locations for this fateful union and is thought to be the place that sparked what we now consider to be Delta Blues.

JIM KIRKPATRICK is best known for his work with the celebrated British AOR band FM. The guitarman released his solo album, “Ballad of a Prodigal Son” — a twelve-track “blues-rock outing” — last September via US One Records.

We’ve already described Jim’s singing-voice as “demon-filled” and his guitar-play as the “hottest [you’ll find] this side of the Mason-Dixon line…” so it likely he too is inspired by the spirit of old nick, The Tempter.

61 + 49

The new single brings together a wild bunch of devilishly compelling talents in the form of Jim on guitar & vocals; with Neil McCallum on drums; Chris Bevington on bass; Jem Davis on keys; and backing vocals by “Nearly Dan” singer Sarah Miller.

Careened on a resonator (see the video, shared below) this number swelters & percolates like the Mississippi backwaters. The voice moves from grizzled bear-claw gruffness to far more approachable dulcet… not that you’ll mind anyway… because you will be concentrating on the sheer brilliance and panache of the guitar!

This is a wizardly blues number that laughs in the face of diabolical temptation… and dares even more!

Words: @neilmach 2021 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jimkirkpatrickguitarist/

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