JR Harbridge

J.R. HARBIDGE Sunshiny

The UK-homegrown multi-instrumentalist and master musician J.R. HARBIDGE will release his second solo album Long Black River — 30th April, 2021.

If you like the idea of Eagles-style country-rock (soft but muscular, y’know?) — with elements of folk and captivating Americana roots, all interpreted with silver-dollar forthrightness and dazzling virtuoso musicality… you will love this guy’s style…

  The whole song just fell out of my guitar…

The album’s third single — ‘Sunshine Not Rain’  — out today 26th March 2021 apparently just fell out of J R’s guitar!

It’s an openhanded and fulsome number, with a mood that’s marked by complexity and richness. The Lennonesque earworming is honest and straightforward and the number comes packed with handclaps, tinklesome keys, wistful organ notes and chipper vocals. Indeed, it’s delicately treacly without being goofy! 

Sunshine Not Rain

“’Sunshine Not Rain’ is a song for my son,” explains J R. “My son was around four when I wrote this.  I had been wanting to write him a song, but could never put all the feelings I had about him into a 3-minute song…”

“My wife took him away for the weekend to see some of her friends and I decided I would write the song before they returned on Sunday evening. 

“I was expecting it to take a couple of days and had the usual songwriting supplies: beer, beer, IPA, etc.  I sat down to start writing the song at 7 pm but by 7:10 it was complete.  The whole song just fell out of my guitar and my mouth in just a few minutes…”

Sunshine Not Rain is available on all digital platforms. Long Black Riveris set for release 30th April

Link: https://www.facebook.com/jrharbidge

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