Eve Goodman Rides Waves

Wave Upon Wave‘, the latest single by North Wales singer / songwriter EVE GOODMAN (she writes in English and Welsh) is an exploration of the healing power of the sea. 

The song’s eddying melody reminds us of ‘Bryter Layter’ (1971 Nick Drake) and is sailed-along by a voice that’s reminiscent of early 70s Sandy Denny.

Wave-Upon-Wave’s poignant tenderness reconciles the song’s ponderings with a need for solace… perhaps calm comes with the smooth easefulness of being carried along through waves of time, towards a promising shoreline?

wave upon wave

Eve explains the origin of the song:

I wrote the vocal parts in one sitting, and never changed them. In fact, the entire vocal recording is the original demo that I created when trying out ideas late one night. I started off with the simple lilting melody of ‘wave upon wave upon wave’, and loved the way the structure of this sentence means it could go on infinitely….

This idea of infinity sparked the next line, ‘day upon day upon day’. The sea is vast, infinite, timeless.The song grew from there really, like a wave rolling towards the shore, building strength and power and beauty.

The single was recorded and mixed by Luke Evans at Somewhere Studio and mastered by Katie Tavini.

It’s a silver-tongued beauty with soothing acoustic strums and whispery-amiable textures. At times it’s as glittery as a coalescing rock pool gurgle, but it also dips into darker shallows like a downwelling cormorant on the hunt…

Undulating ‘n’ scalloped translucence!

Eve Goodman – Wave Upon Wave Pre-save on Spotify: https://ffm.to/v4keayo.oyd

First single from ‘Wave Upon Wave EP‘, coming soon https://evegoodman.bandcamp.com/

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