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NORSWORTHY Books Into Infinite Hotel

You’ll know THE MUSTANGS as the dearly loved British blues rock outfit, formed in Hampshire in 2001 and signed to the Skyfire Records label. They released eleven albums, including the incomparable Split Decision (2006) which reached number 5 on the iTunes blues chart.

The Mustangs were nominated for Best Band at the 2010 British Blues Awards.

Formed by Adam Norsworthy (lead guitar, vocals) and Derek Kingaby (blues harp) after a jam-session, the band came to public attention at a New Blues talent competition, held at the the Eel Pie Club. They specialized in offering infective, listenable tunes, and pukka musicianship, delivered with optimum production values.

This song is about our affinity with an infinite sky…


Well, now their front man, lead singer, guitarist, and primary songwriter ADAM NORSWORTHY is bringing together some of the classiest & most authoritative musicians on the UK’s blues-rock scene to help him with a new solo album, to be titled “Infinite Hotel.”

It will be his fourth solo album release, and is due on March 4th, 2022. On the recording, Adam is backed by a core band that features Oli Brown (bass, guitar), Bennett Holland (keyboards), Rich Young (piano) and Wayne Proctor (drums).

Wayne Proctor also produced and mixed the album.  

The first single taken from the album, a blues ballad titled  “In Time I Will Forget You” is released 24th September, 2021. Video shared below.


The song is immediately built with a silky, articulate guitar intro and then a lacing of shimmering keys from Bennett Holland. The tormented lyrics seem, at first glance, just sad after the breakup, but we surmise there is more at stake here than a few missed kisses. No, this song is about survival of a species. And our affinity with an infinite sky. So the resplendent number brings spirituality, mindfulness, and even promises transcendence!

the passing of deep time will one day distinguish everything that has ever grown or been built…

Adam Norsworthy

Adam says: “I felt the song was almost like a bluesy James Bond theme tune […] so I wanted one of those Bond dancing-girl silhouettes in my video too. The rest of the visuals are true to the lyrics… how the passing of deep time will one day distinguish everything that has ever grown or been built, everything that has ever been created, felt or thought…”

“Some people may feel that is a depressing thought, I know others find it oddly comforting. I’m undecided myself, so I just make as much music as I can before the decay begins!”

Infinite Hotel’s songs explore themes of love, loss, mortality, the environment, and the human need to explore the cosmos to find —not only the meaning of life— but also a new home in the stars, perhaps a series of planetary “hotels” that might be inhabited, one after another, until the universe itself dies. 


“There are such big themes on this album that it needed a big sound, and we have got that” states Adam.“But it still boils down to the essential essence of a voice, a story and a guitar; critically, the intimacy is still there amidst the huge soundscapes of the songs.” 

“In Time I Will Forget You” is out Friday 24th September 2021

File alongside: Snowy White, David Gilmour


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