Fortune Child


Founded in Jacksonville, Florida in 2021, old school rockers FORTUNE CHILD draw inspiration from Led Zeppelin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Alice in Chains and The Black Crowes.

The quartet, featuring Christian Powers on vocals, Buddy Crump on lead guitar, Melanie Jo on drums (formerly of Billy Gibbons and the BFGs), and Jon Ward on bass, teamed up with legendary rock producer Kevin Elson of Journey , Mr. Big , Europa and Lynyrd Skynyrd to produce their debut full-length album, “Close to the Sun” out this Spring.

the most sprightly guitar work this side of St. Johns River…


The album kicks off with the brassiness of  “The Way” that delivers a punchy melody, unmistakable joy in production, brilliant percussion, and the most sprightly guitar work this side of St. Johns River!

Don’t Shoot Me” has great guggles of guitar (and this becomes something of a trademark of the band’s style throughout the album) with lots of heroic percussion and a sincere & genuinely pleading vocal. The guitar solo dazzles and propels the whole piece.

Joshua Tree

Far” which was released on video (shared below) is a multi-faceted commotion of clever riffs, slick beats and persuasive vocals. It’s straightforward, yes, retaining the sense of spontaneous immediacy that will appeal to lovers of the groovy, shuffling,  boxtop naturalness of early, 1968, Zeppelin.

Tie The Line” is the longest and most atmospheric track on the album. We’d like to see this as a Sons of Anarchy theme, you know, with a chapter of horsepower pigs riding across an arid desert scene populated by Joshua trees. So expect an impressive bottleneck, passionate vocalization, direct rhythms, and gradually increasing drive, capacity, and roaring grip!

If you enjoy slick and tuneful songcrafting this album is for you!

Close to the Sun” is due early March 2022

File alongside: Trigger Hippy, Chris Robinson Brotherhood

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