Dan Patlansky photo by Tobias Coetsee


The award-winning South African blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter DAN PATLANSKY is set to release his new album “Shelter of Bones” via Virgin on Friday February 25th.

For Patlansky, his Shelter of Bones covers a three- year period of many ups and downs, and, as a result, the South African guitarist believes the process has been an interesting journey. “The pandemic allowed me to take my time, and really think about how I want the songs to come across,” he suggests.

In many ways I tried to keep the sound from past albums that I’ve become known for in my arrangements and song writing, but definitely took some different turns along the way. I’ve always seen a record as a time capsule of where an artist is in a particular time of their lives.

Shelter of Bones Patlansky

Soul Parasite” has a polyvalent metallic riff, silhouetting sour edges, a sense of melancholy between the searing, pulsing, atmosphere and the most icy/moody guitar you’ve heard since Howlin’ Wolf invited Luther Allison onto stage and they cried together. Yes, this might be a pessimistic lament, but it’s also as loud & brutal as a maddened brindled gnu.

Selfish Lover” is grumpy and metallochromic and any hard rock fanatic would be delighted by the firepower of the impulse. This is more exciting than having your saggy pants set on fire by a cranky witch wielding a flamethrower! Yes, it rises like mucus in the throat and crinkles the larynx too. And though it’s as dark as deadly madness, the number becomes miraculously luminescent, especially when the firecracker the guitar comes in like a beacon, into the vast hypercarbia of a smoker’s night.

any hard rock fanatic would be delighted by the firepower of the impulse…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

And “Bad Soul” is gluey-sticky and stony, with a noticeable stomp and plenty of big-arse grooves made of dark licorice mud-root.

“Hounds Loose” features a tight, tight guitar riff with a darkening bass and some embellishments of ghastly organ that creep incorrigibly around a central theme. Then the song bursts into a finely sculpted chorus, creating a deftly heartfelt cautionary dissertation about selling one’s soul to the devil… The chorus follows a tonal pattern containing an inextricable rhythmic structure; it is a well-formed number, attractive and perfectly listenable

This is the tightest and most ligamentous experience Patlansky has ever given us! A work of granite authority and steel-hammer magnificence! Very highly recommended!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Main photo: Tobias Coetsee

Order here: https://danpatlansky.lnk.to/ShelterofBonesSo

Patlansky Tour Poster

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