Still Corners


Ahead of a massive tour of Europe and the U.S.A. this Spring, the wafty British/American dream-poppers  STILL CORNERS (consisting of songwriter/producer Greg Hughes and vocalist Tessa Murray) have uncorked a seven-minute desert-noir odyssey, titled ‘Far Rider’.

With the sun at optimum strength, a lethargic wanderer shuffles the dry salt-earth, hoping, perhaps, to blank out a life that’s filled with regrets & losses. So, electroformed guitars blaze across a painfully harsh sky, while bass-notes paint textures across the tense drum-skin of the wanderer’s sunburnt feelings. All the while, Tessa intones wonderfully textured velvets across a desiccated milieu.

Yes, ‘Far Rider’ is a presentation of diamondback, vibrato-inflected, sage brush rhythms, melancholic vocals and sunbaked sentiment. In other words, a wasteland of blessedness!

Still Corners Far Rider

Tessa explains: “This song is about leaving, lost love and finding yourself somewhere on the journey, really it’s about redemption. I recently drove 6000 miles across the southwest to feel the sun on my face and think.”  

“We used the dreamlike nature of the song to capture the landscape and a hypnotic feel to conjure up the long and lonely travel days.”

Far Rider’ follows the release of their recent single ‘Heavy Days’, and the highly-praised 2021 studio album ‘The Last Exit’.

Main photo credit: Bernard Bur

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