seething akira

SEETHING AKIRA Go Intergalactic!

SEETHING AKIRA the electronic rock [hardcore dubstep] band from Portsmouth, on the English South Coast, are back, putting their own metal spin on a cover of one of the Beastie Boys most famous tracks, “Intergalactic.”

The band’s first full-length album, Sleepy Skeletor, detonated in 2018 and we described it as “totally  buzzing.” 

In late 2020, the band launched a series of new singles leading to a second album, “Dysfunctional Wonderland.” With renewed strength and increasing popularity, their  trajectory skyrocketed. They  forged a partnership with the independent, artist-owned, electronic rock label FiXT for future releases.

seething akira cover

The band have always been talented purveyors of beastie voices, all-engulfing rhythms, and supercharged ‘n’ crownpiece musical showmanship, so, as expected, Intergalactic is pedigreed, self-propelled, and pulsatory!

They say, “In homage to the Beastie Boys, we bring our own twist and flavour to the incredible iconic hip hop track Intergalactic. Mixing elements of metal, electronics, and rap we wanted to bring a truly unique version of this inspirational track that is dear to our hearts.

Purchase/stream here:

See them live at these shows:

22/04/2022 – Primordial General Mayhem 2022 – Lincolnshire, UK
30/04/2022 – TeddyRocks – Blanford, UK
07/05/2022 – Hard Rock Hell Road Trip – San Antonio, IBIZA SPAIN
09/06/2022 – Download Festival – Castle Donnington, UK
17/06/2022 – 6KFest – Liege, BELGIUM
31/07/2022 – Amplified Festival – Manchester, UK
06/08/2022 – Hammerdown Festival – Worthing, UK

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