The Bloody Nerve


Those maverick Nashville rockers THE BLOODY NERVE are now rolling out Episode 6 “Doin’ All Day” the finale of Act II (Reckoning) of their highly innovative, episodically released, concept album ‘All Blood, No Treasure’.

“Episode 6 is the fork in the road,” says vocalist Laurie Ann Layne.

“It’s truly the inner struggle: do we descend further with resentment or begin redemption with courage and faith?”

“’Doin’ All Day’ is prison slang for a life sentence,” explains guitarist & singer Stacey Blood.

“We’re using these optics to describe how we find ourselves more and more cuffed to new cultural pressures that don’t come naturally to the human spirit.  There’s a new warden every day, each less forgiving than the one before…”

ACT II Reckoning

Starting out as a country-style cut, the number soon turns into a railroading implorement that brings downcast bass notes alongside yawning guitar howls. The fuzzy guitar kicks off a march of atonement, but it soon becomes clear that those stubbornly inflexible rhythms will never allow emancipation, no matter how much we might entreat the inconsistent overseers.

If you loved the Kantner/Slick approach to mid ’70s hard rock (Jefferson Starship), and also enjoyed the Mosshart/White approach to garage blues offered by The Dead Weather, you’re sure to enjoy this. 

Words: @neilmach 2022 ©


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