Mississippi MacDonald

MISSISSIPPI MACDONALD Breaks the devil’s chain

The London-based British Blues Awards nominee and accomplished soul-bluesman MISSISSIPPI MACDONALD who delivers cobalt blue guitar and chocolaty vocals has today 20th April 2022 delivered a single titled ‘Devil’s Chain’ featuring the Scottish/American singer-songwriter ‘n’ multi-instrumentalist KERRI WATT.


Devil’s Chain’ (video shared below) is as parched as the most shadeless slope on the Santa Rosa Hills. Though Kerri’s entrance brings sweet mollification to an otherwise dehydrated dusting of unequivocal guitar-notes and uber-tightened rhythms.

It’s a song that denounces our consumerist society, thus ‘every dollar you earn is a link in the devil’s chain…’ and that disillusioned but valid viewpoint is emphasized by an acidifying blues-guitar solo that Mississippi lays-down about three-quarters the way through. Yep, this is salient and eloquent.

Check out the new single here: https://linktr.ee/devilschain

Mississippi MacDonald has been added to the HRH Blues line-up 2023

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