Damn Truth


The Montreal-based, psychedelic blues-rock makers THE DAMN TRUTH have announced the release of their latest single “Look Innocent” this Friday October 7th 2022. The single is accompanied by a new music video (shared below).

We have described their sound as, “fireball-powered, human-dynamo filled, fervency…”

About the new single, lead singer, Lee-la Baum says, “We have a bit of a habit of putting ourselves into dangerous situations for our videos, from hanging upside down and being spun around, and now, in this video, walking backwards into crowds and cars at rush hour. “

 a supertyphoon of dynamic spirit…

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

As you might expect from this very special band, the song is a supertyphoon of dynamic spirit & extra-stimulated mojo-endazzlement! The vocal is bowstring tight fearless, the rhythms are hungry as a pack of wolves, and the guitar is more fervently droolworthy than a cub on the nuzzle.

“If there’s a rock’n’roll nine lives, we’ve used up quite a few so far,” remarks Lee-la.

Sometimes it’s the little things that stick with you… We were on tour somewhere in western Canada, on what felt like the longest highway EVER. I started to think about this silly argument I once had with my boyfriend and how we almost broke up over it. 

It made me laugh in my head, so I wrote it down on a piece of paper. I could almost immediately hear the melody and type of vibe that the song should have. When we got to wherever it was that we were going, I grabbed the guitar, and the song was born.”

The damn Truth UK Tour Poster

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