Francis International Airport

Named after the airport in the game Grand Theft Auto and based in Vienna, Austria – this five-piece Indie band  take their indie synth tunes from dark wave to Genesis.

We had a listen to ‘Pitch Paired’ taken from the album CACHE:

Francis International Airport shortImagine that the Salvation Army has visited your town centre. The Army are all dressed in black turtle neck jumpers they are looking decidedly dejected. They’re still clappy though.  But they’re not so happy. They do not allow you to clap along with your own hands. They scowl if you do that. You can look  if you want too … but you just can’t join in.  That’s what this song is like.

The Salvation Army aka ‘Francis International Airport’ sings along besides a low juicy modulation. This gurgles pleasantly beneath the vocals – and these are resolutely clear and melodic.

The Sally Army are still waiting for their drummer.  But it seems that he got his zipper caught in the door of the bus while he was getting off.   Cue: A grinding, tearing, ripping noise – before the pounding percussion can begin in earnest.

Look up and see the clouds part and see some sunny waves shoot out across the landscape. They blind  you with their dazzling brightness.

This is a fun dance number. As joyful as the dappled light playing on a wishing well. In fact it’s rather optimistic.  Which is kinda surprising given the band’s black turtle-necked appearance and all those dour & discouraging looks that they keep giving you.  Do not judge a book by its cover.  I suppose.

– © Neil_Mach September 2013 –


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