Telesto is Hypnotized

While we suspect the majority of people are transfixed by the announcement that Kate Bush is resurrecting her live performance for 15 UK dates, we wanted to draw your attention to a band with a very different musical sound level, UK label Love Thy Neighbour (Abi Wade, Us Baby Bear Bones & A Lily), which is run by Daniel from Esben & The Witch and Andy Rossiter, recently announced its newest additional to its label’s stable: HYPNOTIZED.

Made up of three young lads from Brighton, UK – Robbie Wood, Robin White & Paul Whelan – Hypnotized have released a new EP called ‘Telesto’ on March 24th.

Hypnotized shortHypnotized have already built a formidable reputation for their live shows, using warped visuals, strobes, face paint and masks making their shows intense and unpredictable.

Their influences range from Electronica, Krautrock, Hip-Hop, Dub, Noise, Space Rock, and Psychedelia.

Telesto’ is a sonic landmark. It’s a shiver of shimmering magic – verging on the grotesque.

The profusion of sounds dilates the pupils, and leaves the listener knocked-about and thoroughly confused.

It has scratch-pad rhythms and sparkling voices deployed like fairy-dust starlight onto a countertop of bewildering shapes and angles.

Not easy to digest, but certainly imaginative and sumptuous.

– © Neil Mach 2014 –



Main photo: Alex De Mora

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