Gillian Flags Up the Freaks

Guitarists Geoff Bennington and Paul Demyanovich began writing songs in Brooklyn in 2012 and they called upon childhood friend Brian Yurachek to come play drums, and afterwards connected with Alex Fedorow (bass) and Kym Hawkins (vocals/percussion) while working at a guitar store in the East Village. Together, they make unpretentious singalong indie-pop and call themselves Gillian.

Gillian have just released the music video for their 2013 number “Freak Flag!”

Gillian - The voice is as  sweet and smoothly delicious  as candy-tuft...
Gillian – The voice is as sweet and smoothly delicious as candy-tuft…

We had a listen:

This begins with a fizzy bagload of plectra sounds before a happy Whooo! starts the beat-proper.

Then the piñata explodes – throwing out ripe male vocals in a sweaty confusion… these fuss, squirm and convulse like a glow-fish swimming in peach-sherbert water.

Then a smooth female voice is delivered – this is as sweet and softly delicious as candy-tuft.

This sound brings together the lush, ambrosial nature of Jacqui Abbott era “Beautiful South” with the catastrophic bluesy volatility of “Kill It Kid.”

There was love coming from the speakers… And we were lost in the sound…

Yes, indeedy!

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


Recorded in 2013 at Smacktone Studios with Matt Maroulakos
Mixed by Grady Woodruff
Mastered By Ed Littman


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