Here’s a unique twist on Metal, Grunge and Goth — Young Gods by the Cholo Goth Duo PRAYERS

Pioneering goth/electronic/industrial duo Prayers from San Diego formed in 2013 with vocalist Leafar Seyer and producer Dave Parley.

Both Mexican immigrants, the two have transformed the sound and look of modern gothic music.

They have created a genre known as SD Kill Wave aka Cholo Goth — which fuses the sounds of new wave with Southern California gang lifestyle.

PRAYERS - the arrival of salvation...
PRAYERS – the arrival of salvation…

Prayers pulls from the darkest dance & goth elements to bring their stories of pride & struggle to life.

We checked their new single Young Gods:

Imagine the darkness of a leaky basement, then a burst of sunlight that erupts in your eye when a figure suddenly appears in the dangerous opening.

That’s what this new music is like. Sudden realization, the need to escape from the darkness and the arrival of salvation.

The beats are rapid in dispersion, like being scatter gunned by a raging bike-gang.

It all soon turns into oil-soaked mayhem. But the great voices and the urging rhythms stay tightly controlled and extraordinarily fast and effective. This might be furious, but it is regulated.

A unique twist on metal, grunge and goth.

It makes you start to realize that there’s more to synthpop than soppy pinky-plonky happiness on a dance floor. Because here’s aggression, invention and motivation…

Stern, fierce… And in your face.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©



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