Life-Improving Indie Rock by FAIRCHILD — Stay Young — For Fans of Two Door Cinema Club

FAIRCHILD have issued an amazing new track titled Stay Young from their Sadako EP.

Gold Coast, Australia indie six-piece FAIRCHILD (now UK based) create an evocative blend of intimate, yet epic, rock.

Their ‘Sadako – EP – FAIRCHILD’ EP has already drawn comparisons to the Two Door Cinema Club.

The band have now released their second single “Stay Young” from the Sadako EP.


We had a listen:

A series of sharp guitars become busy in the early-morning air…

The passions of the main voice gradually increase as the emerging daylight leaks in.

The verse is as smooth and sumptuous as Nutella.

With a hint of darkness and a buzz of expectation. Because this is all about life starting out again. Here are new beginnings.

The fall of the drum adds rumblings of melancholy, while the guitars shine away… still keeping you positive.

Plaintive, yet life-improving Indie Rock performed with passion, style and expertise.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©


Get the EP here: Sadako – EP – FAIRCHILD


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