COLOUR THE ATLAS Talk About Nature versus Technology and the UK Trip Hop Scene

We have been watching the amazing video from COLOUR THE ATLAS titled “Scared”. [Full review here]

The vocals are cold-stimulating and the rhythms itch away at your insides… The extraordinary screen-imagery (on the video) got us thinking…

We should ask the band about their thoughts regarding nature -v- technology.

Watching other musicians play always gets us excited...
Watching other musicians play always gets us excited…

So we posed our questions to Jess, Andy, Alex & Stefan.

“Technology can work along side nature if its done in the right way.”  They told us.

“Music can express the forces of nature in ways for everyone to understand differently…”

We said we noted there was a glimmer of hope in the song…

“If we all took technology a little less seriously and experience life with a little more spontaneity generations to come will be fine….”

The video was shot in Poland with director Lukasz Pytlik:

“Yeah, shooting in Poland and working with Lukasz was a great experience and loads of fun, it was a lot more natural than we all thought.”

“Lukasz and all the other guys involved were really easy to get on with and we had a laugh, staying up until 5am drinking vodka after shooting is a prime example of how easy they all were to get on with.”

We told the band that we thought that their voices sounded pleading, sometimes :

“Each of us seem to be in different states before we perform, its totally dependent on the place we are playing to how nervous or excited we get but at the end of the day we are all always super excited to be on the stage together and playing our music to people.”

“Normally between the sound check and actually going on stage we tend to stuff our faces with food and a few drinks and either chill back stage or watch any acts on before us if there are any. Watching other musicians play always gets us excited to play I think…”

Music can express the forces of nature...
Music can express the forces of nature…

The band will be playing the lovely Field View Festival at Chippenham in August — with Skinny Lister and By The Rivers. We asked the band what they will be looking forwards to:

“We love FieldView Festival, we played it a couple of years ago and its not too far away from us so a lot of our friends and other musicians we know come to the festival. Our expectation of the festival is for it to live up to its reputation as it does every year and be a really fun weekend where we get to play to a great crowd. It’s always good to be playing along side some friends so I’m sure we will go and see Josh Kumra and Charlie Bath along with a few others.”

“Our aim every year is to try and get to as many [festivals] as possible, Board Masters and Nass are on the list for sure but who knows what where we’ll end up.”

We asked the group where they thought trip-hop was heading:

“With all the easy ways to combine technology and live instruments around… Now more and more bands are bringing a new trip hop vibe back.”

“Bands like London Grammar and Bonobo are giving real inspiration to bands like us in how to play trip hop and other predominantly electronic music but with a combination of acoustic and electronic instruments. [We]  think as the electronic music scene grows… So will the trip hop scene and other genres combining programmed sounds and acoustic sounds.”

We noticed that the band use the old-fashioned Swedish Ø in their band name… We wanted to know if they shared an affinity with Danish indie-soul artists?

“ We feel there has not been enough recognition for Danish Indie-Soul artists so the Ø is to make people more aware…. Our main man producer Stu Rowe used a font on one of our videos that had the ‘o’ like that and we all thought it looked pretty cool so we decided to keep it.”

And how did the recent EP launch party go?

“The EP launch was really fun, it was nice to have a gig at The Castle in Swindon that are good friends of ours, it also meant the whole night was filled with a crowd of familiar faces which we get both excited and nervous about.”

“Now, literally, we are heading into the studio to keep on writing songs that hopefully people will enjoy just as much as we do. In other aspects we are trying to go deeper into our music and try lots of different ideas out.”


The band were talking to @neilmach 2015 ©

You can order Opaline – the EP – by Colour The Atlas here


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