Notwithstanding that his trading name (is it a a pseudonym?) seems synonymous with a proprietary brand of pocket-ready gentleman’s relaxer — possibly designed with a furious masturbatorholic in mind — TUCKER BEATHARD is, however, a country-rock artist from Nashville, TN.

He seems to be the cause of a merry-storm of interest in his home country with both the Rolling Stone magazine and Taste of Country reporting him as an artist to watch in 2016.

Tucker’s brilliant début single ‘Rock On‘ ( released 27th April 2016) showcases all his strengths, as will his forthcoming US & international tour with Dierks Bentley (reaching the U.K. April 23rd & 24th.)

The “Rock” mentioned in the title isn’t about “Rock Music” though, as you might expect: No, the song is about failing to put an engagement ring upon the finger of “the girl that got away.” This is not a cover of the David Essex / Jeff Wayne hit (1973)

Rock On - Single - Tucker Beathard
Rock On – Single – Tucker Beathard

We had a listen:

There’s a mysterious shudder to start things off.

But, otherwise, this is primarily a schmaltzy waltz . Although it is not too muddy or embarrassing … the guitars dinkle dolly themselves well and the muttering rhythms help to overcome the cloying sentiment… so the song soon becomes quite attractive.

But what’s with the big “mountain-pass” sized gap between the first syllable and the second of the word “Country?”

You will hear it when Mister Beat-Hard in his best “Trace Adkins” voice yawls out to the world that his “Home grown Country Girl…has long gone…

It’s only then that we get to start thinking: Is Tucker kinda intimating that he’s actually quite pleased that she has finally snatched off?

We hope so! Good riddance to her…

If you like none-too-serious, honky tonk country pop then you are sure to love this little Tucker.

Words: @neilmach 2016 ©
Link: https://www.facebook.com/tuckerbeathardmusic

Rock On – Single – Tucker Beathard
On UK tour with Dierks Bentley:

22nd April – Eventim Apollo London
24th April – Clydebank Auditorium, Glasgow


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