New E.P. From the Notorious EMILY CAPELL

The refreshing Acoustic Pop-Folk songstress EMILY CAPELL returns with her new EP “The Notorious M.L.E.” and a lead single taken from the disc titled “Brixton Prison”.

Brixton Prison - Emily Capell
Brixton Prison – Emily Capell

Acquiring the notice of celebrated music producer Steve Osborne (New Order, U2, Gregory Porter, The Doves), this bright-headed and ingenious 21 year old from North-West London has been refining her sound in the Oxford studio under the careful eye of the masterful producer.

Brixton Prison” is the lead track from the new 5 track EP [see below]—

The track reveals the pain and discomfort, the truth and the bullshit and, of course the pros and the CONS of prison life.

All set to a flashy and alluringly infectious melody and performed with an admirably stubborn cheekiness that will win hearts & minds…

Joey” is a playful commendation to her, then QPR hero, Joey Barton. While “Who Killed Smiley Culture?” is a teasing yet earnest tribute to the reggae pioneer.

Emily was evidently influenced by her parents record collection (Johnny Cash, The Smiths, The Clash to The Libertines and Blondie) and these are the sounds most in evidence. Her music incorporates a mixture of blues, pop, ska and indie. She plays a Gretch Electromatic guitar with assured sang-froid and her clever ‘n’ witty storytelling helps to encourage the listener’s imagination.

No doubt, we will see/hear more of Emily…

Image: Max Monaghan






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