New JOHNNY FOREIGNER Release — MONO NO AWARE is Out 8th July

JOHNNY FOREIGNER are an indie rock four-piece formed in December 2005 in Birmingham, England.

JOHNNY FOREIGNER - the magic of music ...
JOHNNY FOREIGNER – the magic of music …

They are set to release their brand new album, Mono No Aware on Alcopop! Records to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

The disc will be out on 8th July…

Lead singer Alexei Berrow decided to sum up Mono No Aware in his own words, and in true Johnny Foreigner style:

Johnny Foreigner is our band and Mono No Aware is our fifth studio album. We’re 10 years old this autumn. Not like, indie band 10 years where the first year is the only good album and the tenth is the reunion tour playing that album.”

10 years of writing and playing and long-haul flighting and being a mostly happy mostly functional not completely unsuccessful brokeass working cottage industry/mobile entertainment unit.

And it counts for absolutely nothing. That’s the magic of music innit; years and heart give not one f**k for experience or actual skill. Sure, we can use those resources in a whole bunch of ways to try convince you that this next record is The One, but if it doesn’t connect on a more primal level, well, we’ve failed...”


Release shows:

Birmingham: Sunflower Lounge – 8th July
London: The Crowndale – 9th July






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