EMILIE — Eyes For You

Edinburgh UK based EMILIE aka Emily Atkinson explores dusky, melodic electro pop with her latest single Eyes For You, out now via Stellar Recordings.

Emilie - beautifully celestial vocals ...
Emilie – beautifully celestial
vocals …

Eyes For You” is taken from the debut EP “I See You In The Darkness” and searches into the feeling of crushing moderation and explores how things — sometimes — can be seen pessimistically as out of reach.

To meet the challenge with an enviable degree of self-esteem, Emilie allows her music to speak for itself by combining pop-electro rhythms and beautifully celestial vocals akin to the likes of London Grammar’s Hannah Reid.

Eyes For You” has unusual electric-piano and a set of itching rhythms that chip-in unobtrusively.

The vocal is water-washed across the textures and finds affinity within the dips and hollows of the melody.

Foresee” is more angular. With sunken echoes and extremely seductive warmth in every chocolate brown note uttered. Icy tinkles play along in the background. Although the focus will be on the structure of that velvet voice.

Blood Type” is idiosyncratic without being weird.

This is complex and beautifully inventive electro-pop with smooth, soft, cajoling architecture and honeyed words that never fail to impress.

EMILIE’s debut EP ‘I See You In The Darkness’ is out this Friday September 16th. For fans of London Grammar, BANKS, Låpsley or Broods.

Words: Neil Mach 2016 ©

Link: https://www.facebook.com/emiliemusicuk




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