SOFT FANGS — Elephant Girl

The musical project of Brooklyn, NY songwriter John Lutkevich aka SOFT FANGS is influenced by indie-folk, lo-fi artists such as Sparklehorse, Elliott Smith and Beach Fossils.

His atmospheric and internal laments have seen him profit from the acclaim of the shoegaze ‘n’ dream pop community.

His new album Fractures is out this September 1st via Disposable America.

Soft Fangs – An immediately beautiful, commiserative verse…

The the first track from Fractures has been released — ‘Elephant Girl.’

Lutkevich says: “The LP is a collection of songs that I wrote over the past year in fragments and then recorded in three days during a snowstorm in Maine…

I wanted to take these songs that I’d written leisurely over the span of a year and then record them very quickly. It’s the first album where I’ve enlisted the help of others to engineer, so I let my good friends Bradford Krieger & Chaimes Parker (Big Nice Studio) handle all of the recording aspects, and I just got to run from instrument to instrument.”

We listened to Elephant Girl

This begins with a sweet rustle of guitar, before a bundle of wheatsheaf & broomstick sounds pitch-in with a conglomeration of withy rhythms and, finally, the elegant swish of voice.

The accompaniment swirls, sighs and runs around this center of interest — an immediately beautiful, commiserative verse.

Words: @neilmach 2017 ©




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