SCOTT COLLINS, an indie-folk & rock singer from Austin, Texas, recently returned from a tour of the west coast while promoting his latest EP titled “Roadmaps”.

Scott Collins – haunting twangs…

He teamed up with Grammy-nominated music producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith and formed a band for the project, and went on to release a 5-track EP. We had a listen:

Something Different Here” is a bouncy rumble with an elegantly rugged landscape and haunting twangs that reminded us of a yodeling coyote.

Do You Believe (In Love)” is an exuberant cinematographic wonder that glides gracefully in its obsessive contemplation like a prefigurative dream.

And “Begin Again” is pleasantly acoustic and rolls like the Val Verde hills and is earthy as a wolf-pit though laced with honey & sour-mash sweetness.

If you like roots ‘n’ Americana but prefer to listen without the sob-sob hickory, then let yourself be carried away by this. File alongside James Bay.


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