EDA GREEN — Broken One

EDA GREEN is a U.S. singer/songwriter from Rochester, N.Y. & New Jersey. She escaped an abusive home-life aged 12 years  and moved to Los Angeles, California where she currently resides.

Eda Green – raw and relatable…

Now aged 17, Eda’s musical journey combines a love of song-craft with an unequaled vocal tone that is as compelling as it is moving. Her productions unify her love for integrated live instrumentation and psychedelic soundscapes that are frequently inspired by a love for bands such as Pink Floyd and The Beatles, but they also tip a hat to the modernist minimalism of artists like Lorde or Phoebe Bridgers.

Her compositional style is genuine and individualized. You can tell she’s not pop… though she’s as commercial as you can imagine. When asked about her writing style, Eda says she writes from “truth” and her songs are: “the opposite of Hollywood writing circles made up of grown men that spew words of bullshit for other female teen artists to regurgitate.

She releases her “Broken Onetoday. We had a listen:

The song is raw and relatable and could almost be described as Sasha Fierce era R&B.
It begins with portentous lucidity and builds, with stunning orchestral touches, into an antiphon of vindication and salvation. The voice is a combination of smoky corn whiskey and razzleberry cream… Eda delivers the power of gospel when required, and the whisper of soul within the margins.

Link: https://www.facebook.com/edagreenx/

Check it Out:


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