HEZEN — Bring Your Alibi

The London-based singer/songwriter and producer HEZEN was brought-up outside Paris. Of cosmopolitan origin, she embraces Caribbean, Tamil, and Jewish ethnicity, and her upbringing has been flavored by narratives of displacement, resistance and resilience.

HEZEN creates dark electronic pop

She studied politics and her postgraduate studies brought her into London where she discovered the electronic music scene.

HEZEN creates dark electronic pop that fuses experimentalism with an ear for the epic and always contains infectious hooks.

Bring Your Alibi’ comes from a hot May afternoon when HEZEN invited her friend, the writer/director Laurane Marchive over for a brainstorming session. Amidst the media climate of the #MeToo campaign, the pair envisioned Lisbeth Salander, protagonist of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, sitting opposite Harvey Weinstein, in the dock, as his accuser.

This comes across with dark-capped wafts of louring energy that never overwhelm the coruscating nature of the spinto-soprano voice that keeps neat and insistent, along with those incisive beats.

The lyrical content has the ability to slice through the untidy mess that’s been caused by “powerful” man’s pressuring and harassment…

Link: https://www.facebook.com/sarahezen/

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