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BLUEASHES — Walking Solo

The Miami-based Danish-Colombian rock duo BLUEASHES have burst onto the scene with a thrilling debut E.P. titled “Walking Solo.”

album cover artwork
Warm cherry-plum vocals from Shila & yearning guitars by Alexis…

The duo, comprising of Danish vocalist Shila Mariposa Zuniga and Colombian guitarist Alexis Zuniga met “accidentally” on Facebook and fell in love. Their undeniable interpersonal-chemistry shines through their music.

After getting wed in late 2017, they co-wrote and recorded five songs together that strike a balance between Alexis’s assertive guitar and Shila’s compelling rock vocals. The E.P. includes four rugged rock songs and a tender country-rock ballad.

Shila and Alexis are no strangers to the industry. Separately, each artist has had substantial success in their respective countries with composing & recording radio hits, in addition to performing and touring their own projects at reputable venues, they have released music videos that have racked up nearly 50,000 views on YouTube.

Time Will Tell” [shared below] is the romantic ballad with wistful piano/keyboards (by Alexis Zuniga) and warm cherry-plum vocals from Shila plus some yearning guitars from Alexis.

More upbeat and almost simmering with latent libido is “Fire of Madness” with its obvious rock motivation. Please do bear in mind, these two create radio-friendly pop-rock fusions, so expect this to be more Roxette than Royal Blood… nevertheless, it is very fine material.


Walking Solo the EP by Blueashes is out now

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