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TARJA — In The Raw

Tarja Turunen or simply TARJA, is a Finnish lyrical-soprano heavy-metal singer-songwriter with a three octave range. She’s most usually associated with the symphonic metal band NIGHTWISH, although she began her solo career in 2006 and released a classic studio album, Ave Maria – En Plein Air in 2015.

Photo of artist
Tarja transmutes rude clay into lustrous treasure…

Tarja is ready to release her seventh studio album, titled “In The Raw” which will be released on August 30, through EarMusic and is the first since 2016’s “The Shadow Self”.

Gold, we think, is something polished and perfect, sophisticated, a luxury – but in its natural state it’s a raw element”, explains Tarja.

Thus, her classically trained voice transmutes rude clay into lustrous treasure.

I really like how the guitar sounds: in your face,” she says. “If I’m singing powerfully, I need something powerful behind me so that I don’t feel I am left alone.”

The album is a set of polished and cultivated orchestrations, with choirs, and Erja’s classical voice brings a natural, dark and distinguished coloratura.

Dead Promises” —the first single to be released from the album — (shared below) rushes into being with a speed-metal fanfare (think Gojira) then a furious broadside of drums before the magical seeress of Odin enters our human kingdom. Of course, her voice is like the light of the moon and the thunder of Mars, where each note has Leonine strength and lamb-like sacrifice… and there’s also a perfect choral element and breathless heavy-metal accompaniment. All in all, this is an angelic wonder, yet as dark as a crow’s wing.

The queen-regent of rock opera is back…


Pre-order In The Raw now. The title will be released on August 30, 2019.

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