Vega photo credit: Steven Christie @ Darklight Device

VEGA — Grit Your Teeth

The British melodic rock band VEGA will release their new album “Grit Your Teeth” on Friday 12th June 2020 via Frontier Records. The album will be available for pre-sale at

The quintet – Tom Martin, James Martin, Nick Workman, Marcus Thurston, Hutch and Mikey Kew – formed as a project in 2009, released five albums to date and have been on tour with Skid Row, Last In Line, FM, Magnum, Dan Reed Network, etc. and made festival appearances at Download, Planet Rockstock, Steelhouse, Firefest, HRH AOR and others.

“Grit Your Teeth” is a masterpiece of 1980s style classic rock…

VEGA wrote the new album from January 2019 until they started recording in August 2019. The album was recorded in an industrial unit in York with the Graves Brothers (recorded at Innersound Audio Recording Studio.) The Graves Brothers previously produced Asking Alexandria.

Selfishly, we’ve taken a few risks by recording an album, that, first and foremost, we can be proud of. Don’t try and tag it with any sub-genre of rock or metal, just enjoy it...”  says band lead singer and frontman, Nick Workman.

Nick’s right,” says VEGA’s keyboardist, James Martin. “We set out to do something different on this album. We wanted to stand out from the rest of the pack.

The band agreed on making a more modern sounding and edgy record…” adds VEGA drummer, Martin Hutchinson. “I think we definitely achieved that.”

The first single from the new album, title track “Grit Your Teeth” is a masterpiece of 1980s style classic rock. It has a floating, lurex riff that adapts to the pummeling beat. This bamboos, twists and sashays like a gyrating go-go dancer on a plinth . . . as the voice professes judicious perceptions and educes a magnificent, stadium-igniting chorus. Mighty fine!!

File alongside: early Def Leppard

Main image: Steven Christie @ Darklight Device


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