TORA — Call Your Name

Call Your Name’ is the omnipotent new track from one of the UK’s most fascinating new R&B and soul talents: TORA.

Tora – a voice of sour wood, sugar syrup, and hot liquor…

The number has an imperative rhythm and a convincing verse. The flutelike voice is an amazing blend of sour wood, sugar syrup, and hot liquor. It reaches high pinnacles, yet gains most momentum & perspective when it is perched on the horizon like a night raven: here it contrasts beautifully with the darker images of the musical backdrop.

Little is known yet of London-based Tora, who arrived without a formal announcement on March 6, at the start of the global crisis, with an impressive debut release, titled ‘Vein’ that brought a pattering of clear keys and came with some incredible vocalizing that moved from trilling glissando to dulcet, lulling greed in an instant.

Very impressive!

File alongside: Kehlani



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