LOLA — Feral Soul

At twenty-three, London based artist LOLA creates complex compositions, unforgettable melodic lines and apparitional meditations in her incomparable take on soulful R&B.

She now releases a debut EP titled “The Sleeping Prophet” that contains the single ‘Feral Soul’ (see below) which is a deeply personal track set against LOLA’s signature, intricate R&B sound.

Feral Soul: the highest inflorescences you can imagine, but also an earthy and organic fruticosity…

The extended play is an all-encompassing penetration of LOLA’s amazing artistry:

LOLA says “‘The Sleeping Prophet’ is a nod to the power each of us have inside, and an insight to the depth and substance of “feeling” – it is a piece of the puzzle in “defining the wounded feminine”, and the complexity of being human.

The juxtaposition of how I felt at the time I wrote these songs, and how I felt when they actually made sense and became relevant to me, is significant in the sense that we all have the capacity to feel so many contrasting and conflicting emotions at once.”

The EP focuses more on evoking those complicated feelings that come all at once from whatever situation affects you. It documents the process of an emotionally traumatic experience that I went through in particular, and how I overcame it. Due to the strong influence of the sleeping prophet in my life, and the correlation to these almost prophetic songs, I decided to name my EP after this nickname that [clairvoyant ] Edgar Cayce was given.”

Among many achievements, Cayce was considered to be “the father of holistic medicine” and the true founder of the New Age movement.

Feral Soul” (shared below) has a spray of tinny beats and tuckets of intricate sound that embrace the meticulous, leaflike tracery of Lola’s voice. It has the highest inflorescences you can imagine, but also an earthy and organic fruticosity. Breathtaking!

File alongside: Erykah Badu

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