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This Monday is #SkamMonday from GREAT MUSIC STORIES — 12 hours of radio dedicated to the story of one of Britain’s great rising bands.., the Leicester-based rock trio – SKAM

It’s something new from the indie rock station that follows emerging and burgeoning rock artists across the land ( the broadcaster has been shortlisted for a prize at this year’s AUDIO PRODUCTION AWARDS).

Great Music Stories

The idea is to pull all the interviews of a grassroots band together and to tell the band’s story over time. Something immersive for an entire daytime… a full day of undiluted, unadulterated, incomparable, rock recognition… a rock sift-over if you will.

So, together with interview specials, various recaptured gems and cherished interview shorts, the rare session tracks and the listener fan pieces, this is an ever-expanding exposure of a much-loved band… an uncompromising uncloaking of artistry, aptitude and undiluted potential.

The SKAM #greatmusicstories audio archive goes out all day today…

Tune in to make sure you catch the show. And follow Great Music Stories.

Main image: Shona Cutt Photography


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