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The hard melodic-rock 5-piece act GIN ANNIE from Wolverhampton, England became HRH Highway to Hell winners in 2018, so released a remarkably nugget-strewn debut album titled “100% Proof” via Off Yer Rocka.

We thought, for example, that “Chains” from the album was a slice of cool sonic awesomeness, with cogitating vocals, a deliberately unrushed pace and a gradually building sense of buzzing excitement.The band now announce a headline tour set for this Autumn.

we will be showcasing BRAND NEW music…

The band now announce a headline tour set for this Autumn.  See dates on Tour Poster (below)

After being forced into lockdown […] we are stoked to announce that we are at last getting the opportunity to get out on tour, and get back to playing rock and roll in front of a crowd.

“You’ll get the chance to hear all your favourite Gin Annie tracks, plus we will be showcasing some BRAND NEW music… This will also be the first tour we’ve done with Lewis, so we know you all want the chance to make him feel welcome….” they say.

“As an added bonus, our good friends WHITE RAVEN DOWN will be joining us for the tour.”

We do ask that you all get your tickets in advance. Just like everyone else, promoters and venues have been struggling for the last year, so a show of support by all of you will help them to have faith in the music scene surviving. You can also help us out by sharing this post, and encouraging your friends to check us out and get them to come along to a gig or several…”

All tickets are now on sale: Book early,  spread the word!


GIN ANNIE next chapter tour

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