Shaman's Harvest



Missouri four-piece SHAMAN’S HARVEST (founded in 1996) are back with their first new track in four years, titled  “Bird Dog”.

The dark country number comes ahead of an upcoming album set for release later this year on Mascot Records.

Their distorted fire-fly numbers tend to offer blackened vibrations and musical landscapes that ooze delta-mud.

In the past, we have described their sounds as “swaggery… with menacing, persistent vibes and many penetrable moments…”

everyone becomes a zombie…”

Nathan Hunt

The band are: singer Nathan Hunt, guitarists Josh Hamler & Derrick Shipp, with drummer Adam Zemanek. And it seems they envisaged this song to be a lead track on the album. It’s delivered with redoubtable posture and built from smudged foundations that include: Hamler’s forever swarming hornet-guitar, indistinct junkyard harmonica, deathtrap percussion and croaking vocals.

Photo Credit: Adrienne Beacco

Hunt says the upshot is a  “weird mixture of things,” integrating blighted ranchland, root-blues tonalities with Queens of the Stone Age style stoner rock —in other words, the ideal atmosphere for contemporary dystopian lyricism.

He adds:  “It’s definitely a cinematic thing — if nothing else, it’s a color or just one little scene in my head.  In my mind, I was envisioning a lot of these small towns—like a railroad town or a farm town where people don’t want to farm anymore. And it just goes to shit, and then you have the opioids come in and everyone becomes a zombie…”


For fans of Curtis Stigers, Velvet Revolver

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