RBatW Photo Credit Robby Boyd


The Orange County country-soul quintet ROBERT JON + THE WRECK which we have previously described as “like the Blues Brothers playing Rival Sons boogie-woogie tunes in the blazing hot sun of Furnace Creek…” have now issued a new single titled “Waiting For Your Man” out via Joe Bonamassa’s KTBA Records.

RJ&TW have a string of UK dates this Spring. Check the tour poster below the new video!

 “We wanted a change of pace and something we can get done quickly,” says the band’s lead singer and guitarist, Robert Jon Burrison about the new single.

a rumbustious rodeo of sound & sonic achievement!

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Alex (Pasco, Foo Fighters, Paul McCartney) was a blast to work with. It was rough to get everything done so quickly. Waiting For Your Man was recorded in one day. There is something about knowing what needs to get done that pushes us to play better and not overthink things. Andrew had ideas flying in for arrangements at the last minute. Henry had ideas for the solos. Everyone nailed it in the studio.

Waiting For Your Man

Waiting for Your Man is the simple song about going through the peaks and valleys of any relationship,” says Robert Jon. “Both sides have their issues with one and other, but they want to give each other a chance. Sometimes it is easy to throw away what could have been something great.

The new single is sizzle scintillating-sharp, with diamonds of guitar, sparks of piano, glistering vocals and dazzling energy. Yep, it’s a rumbustious rodeo of sound and sonic achievement!

If you want kickass southern commotion with the kind of buzz that lifts your cowlick hackles to new levels of euphoria, this is for you!

File alongside: Creedence Clearwater Revival

Main photo: Robby Boyd 

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