Well-seasoned performers on the Texas music circuit, TOUGH ON FRIDAYS are famed for their enthusiastic live shows and have earned themselves a well-deserved reputation for captivating fans with their consistent delivery of great music.

With Caleigh on guitar/vocals, Carly on bass/vocals, along with studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck, the trio have connect synergistically to create an alluring energy.

This energy combined with their fresh sound makes Tough On Fridays really stand out! The band cite own inspirations that include: Paramore, Basement, Brand New and Third Eye Blind.

rollicking bounce & nitrous spontaneity

Raw Ramp Music Magazine

Recently signed to global indie powerhouse ‘Golden Robot Records’ the band now have their sights set on bringing their music to a wider international audience.

The girls’ new single ‘Lush (Reimagined)’ is due 9th May 2022. The original version was released by back in 2017 when it was recorded in a very different form with an acoustic version later being released in 2019.

The track has now been freshly reimagined and reconfigured with Carly featured as lead vocalist.

Golden Robot Records Lush

Lush (Reimagined)’ a truly splendiferous number with a soaring harmony-style vocal that bursts into view with lucent crystallinity.

The instrumental activity compliments the vocals in a fluently transposed arrangement, bringing both rollicking bounce & nitrous spontaneity. Together, these features combine to make a track which is both splendidly mellisonant yet shamelessly smudged ‘n’ greasy. Hammering good!

Caleigh explained: “This was one of our first original releases and one of our favorites. The song just didn’t go along with the band’s current direction so we changed it up a bit. Hope y’all like what you hear.

Out 9th May. Pre-Order here: 

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