HK 119 New Single – Iceberg

HK119 has announced the release of a new single, ‘Iceberg’  from her third album ‘Imaginature’ – set for release on 20th May 2013.

Produced by Mark Dog Sayfritz, ‘Iceberg’ is as clear and crisp as its namesake, imagines a lover as a sparkling, cool surface with great hidden depths.

The single features a stripped back ‘club friendly’ Plaid reworking of the original – and an Acoustic Ukulele Mix (an instrument Heidi taught herself to play only last year)

HK119 is the alter ego of Finnish multimedia artist, singer and recording artist Heidi Kilpeläinen. She lives and works in London.  Her name is based on a character born out of science fiction references and a fictitious barcode number.

‘Imaginature’ is the striking third album from HK119, aka Heidi Kilpeläinen, released on 25th March 2013 on One Little Indian Records.

Produced (with the exception of one track) by Christoffer Berg (The Knife/Fever Ray/Little Dragon/Depeche Mode) the album is inspired by the world of animals, plants, land and sea, an organic synth-world far removed from the hyper-stylised future pop of Heidi’s previous work.

hk119 shortThese themes have resulted in a more organic live show with an acoustic feel developed by recruiting Roisin Murphy and Scroobius Pip collaborator Alastair McNeill and performing with a band set up including keyboards, ukulele and accordion.

There’s still a strong element of performance art to HK119’s shows.  Heidi’s handmade costumes and visuals created using photographs she took on her travels  – with the images and sounds of nature forming a tightly-woven world… it’s a physical manifestation of the mental journey that led Heidi back to a happier place and a brand new album.


HK 119 will play The Great Escape Festival in Brighton on 18 May

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