Alisha Zalkin Invites You to be Fearless

Tapestry’ by Carole King was one of the best-selling albums of all time … everyone I knew had a copy.

And it was not just the girls either … All the boys had a copy of ‘Tapestry’ as well … which is quite amazing – the same boys were just getting into Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin.

People said that the trick Carole King pulled off was that the voice sounded raw and emotional. The reason the boys liked it was because the voice sounded so intimate. She was emptying her heart deep into your ear.

Alisha Zalkin smallLos Angeles, California based singer-songwriter Alisha Zalkin starts off her new E.P. ‘On This Road’ with ‘Way Over Yonder’ (track six from King’s ‘Tapestry’)

She sets her stall out early – she is looking to be this year’s elegant and spiritual lady. Who whispers into your ear.

Listening to the single ‘Fearless’ from the EP (produced by Steve Greenwell) brought me right back to 1971. That same grace and dignity is evident.

The voice of Zalkin is slightly more chocolatey than King’s – as rich and luxurious as a couverture.

The vocal tips and dips into sweet layers of condensed sounds – ascending spiritually – like a Dove of Peace – in the final stages of the song.

The subject matter – about a childhood friend who has been diagnosed with lymphoma – is never treated mawkishly. This is a celebration of life.

It is an invitation, to all of us, to find the courage that is hidden inside.

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