Stunning Blues Delivered with Authority — JARED JAMES NICHOLS — Old Glory and the Wild Revival Reviewed Here

Wisconsin-born and Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and guitarist Jared James Nichols has been confirmed as a special guest of Glenn Hughes for his 2015 European tour.

Jared  is famous for his particularly powerful and rousing guitar-work that has been favourably compared to Lynyrd Skynrd’s Gary Rossington.

Jared has been playing guitar since the age of 14, and by the age of 21 had notched up over 500 gigs. At that point, he had already jammed with many legends including Buddy Guy, ‘Honeyboy’ Edwards, ‘Big Jim’ Johnson, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Derek Trucks.

Old Glory and the wild revival
Old Glory and the wild revival

We have been listening to his debut album ‘Old Glory and the Wild Revival’:

Starting with ‘Playin for Keeps’ this is a sizzlin’ profusion of acidicly shimmering guitar shapes and fizzed up rhythms.

The grit-fed voice on this track is just the right side of charcoaled buttery bourbon.

This  is a stunning opener, reminding us of the extravagance of Deep Purple at their heaviest (think of “Speed King” to get the idea.)

The clever sculpting and the rising metal fury on this track is thrilling.

Crazy’ is riffy. With the kind of guitar-line that makes you purr deep down inside and gives you a big smile across a care-worn face.

This has a reliable heartbeat of rhythms (Dennis Holm on drums and Erik Sandin on bass) and has a glorious shout-out chorus that will please young head-bangers.

Let You Go’ reminds us of Aerosmith. This is a melodic and anthemic boogie. It will suit a large arena. And it has an effusive amber guitar line that treacles through the back-end.

Can You Feel It’ is fast and spirited and reminds us of vintage Free. It sparks with a rare energy.

Old Glory & the Wild Revival EP - Jared James Nichols
Old Glory & the Wild Revival the 2013 EP – Jared James Nichols

And we also loved the heaviness of ‘Blackfoot’ with that sharp riff and those mighty backing vocals from Jessica Childress ( she found fame on TV’s The Voice – Season 4 with Usher.) This song stamps and cries, like a medicine man dancing hard for rain.

Take My Hand’ is plain and acoustic in resonance. It seems (at first)  to suit the ‘Wild Revival’ title of the album. With honest lyrics and a mystical perspective. The guitars glide with silvery prospect and the voice is as dry as the parched earth at Sand Creek.

Then, almost without warning, the whole thing opens up like a pit of fire. And guitars snarl and bite-back like Black Hill crows quarrelling over festering meat.

The album comes with two live recordings (his earlier EP was ‘live at the Viper Room’) including You Won’t Last and Playin’ for Keeps. These songs demonstrate his true prowess. Because, as a live musician Jared is totally intoxicating. With power and energy in every fibre and thrills shooting through every note.

Here are stunning blues — delivered with style, punch and authority. Heavy, hot and magnificent.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©

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