Blood To Bone is Out Soon — GIN WIGMORE — Here is New Single: Written In The Water

New Zealand singer-songwriter Gin Wigmore will release her new album Blood To Bone through Island Records on October 2nd 2015.

The new recording follows the double-platinum 2013 release Gravel & Wine, which spawned hit singles including ‘Man Like That’.

Her third album, Blood To Bone sees Wigmore travel to America’s Deep South to gain inspiration (this led to co-writes with Stax alumni William Bell) afterwwards she completed studio work at Blakeslee Recording Studios in North Hollywood, California.

She released a promotional single entitled “Willing To Die” featuring the American rapper Logic & the Australian rapper Suffa of The Hilltop Hoods from the album last month.

Blood to Bone - Gin Wigmore
Blood to Bone – Gin Wigmore

We’ve been checking the new single ‘Written In The Water’, which also feature Gin’s husband, the Letlive frontman Jason Butler. The single’s coming out September 11:

This is angry blues rock, with an eager slice of jazz, and a pogo stick beat that stubbornly springs up at you, to smash you in the face.

For vocals, imagine Paloma Faith… But with more ravenlike black caw and you get closer to the fire-damaged truth. It is truly a mix of Gravel & Wine.

We’re fairly sure the character here is a bad mamma, but even so, this number is quite touching.

This is a song about anchoring onto hope. And love.

You will urge the girl to claw onto something this time… because, otherwise, she won’t live…

Hint: check both parts of the video to buy into the story

This is honest-to-goodness foot-stompin’ blues-rock ‘n’ jazz filled with half-light shadows, dangerous flicker and final forgiveness.

Words: @neilmach 2015 ©




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